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Recruitment Information

President's Greeting

Challenging global brands

Nitori Furniture has been operating for around 20 years in Indonesia and 10 years in Vietnam as the "Nitori Furniture factory", which continues to develop, manufacture and ship low-cost and good quality furniture to the Japanese market. In the next 10 years, we are not only playing a role of being a furniture factory for Nitori, but also we are lining up products that would delight customers across the world and aiming to establish Nitori Furniture products as a global brand.

In order to become a global brand, we will have to develop products based on global market studies, procure global materials, develop a global market, and constantly create high quality products that are up to Japanese standards. To do so, we would need to have highly skilled people as well.
The mattress that we started to produce and sell in 2013, made 200 million yen annually and we see a growth of up to 3 billion yen in 2015. Using this development technology, our vision is to become one of the 3 biggest global brands in the world and see our sales reach 200 billion yen after 10 years. To do so, we are planning to build a new factory in the Northern part of Vietnam.

Together with the Nitori group who continues to deliver low-cost and high quality products with the motto of "providing a rich living experience for people around the world" and with the vision of becoming the first global brand in manufacturing furniture, we want to take this challenge together with you so we can continue to grow steadily and fearlessly.


Message from the production division PIC

Aim to be the best factory in the world

As the manufacturing sector for Nitori Furniture, we are a manufacturing distribution retailer and has been operating as a furniture manufacturing factory in Indonesia and in Vietnam. For Nitori Furniture to become a global brand, we would need to quickly adapt to the competition and market environment in this rapidly changing world to become the "world's best factory".

When we say "world's best", it means we lead in our financial profile and employee skills in terms of design, price competitiveness, product development speed, productivity and quality. Our rivals are not limited to other furniture factory, but also to other manufacturing names like Toyota and Samsung and to continuously learn from them, innovate and grow.
Looking at a global brand product development and production perspective, our company's organization is still not up there and the work environment is a place where your own growth would directly tie with the growth of the company.

In order to achieve being the "world's best factory", it is always important to think that everyone has to "do 100% of the work". By doing it one step at a time, we would like to experience our rapid growth together with everyone.


Message from HR

In all our departments such as product development, manufacturing process, management, material procurement, and product management, Nitori Furniture has always rejected the status quo mindset and continuously grow by repeatedly thinking of doing things better by "rejecting status quo". Moving forward, Nitori Furniture will not only focus as being a Furniture factory but also established its own global brand, so we will continue to face bigger challenges from here onwards.

Of course, this would not be an easy road, but for those who wants to do global work, or wants to try to be a part of Japan's first global brand, or for those who wants to enhance their careers by taking up complex challenges together with other people across the globe, this would be the perfect stage and opportunity for you.

Nitori Furniture is waiting for individuals who wants to fearlessly take up the challenge in the world stage.


Recruitment description

Recruitment positions Overseas industry, business administration, quality management, purchasing, export, design, mechanical equipment, urethane production, furniture manufacturing etc.
Prerequisite Individuals who are possesses business conversation level English (TOEIC score of 650)
Work location You will be temporarily assigned at the Head Office upon joining (Kita-ku, Kamiya / Nitori Tokyo headquarters building), then, you will be seconded to our overseas location. In some cases, you may be assigned to the overseas location immediately.
Working hours This would vary depending on the overseas location.
Compensation We will consider your previous work experience and decide according to our policy.
Package, employee benefits and welfare Annual salary increase, semi-annual bonus, variable bonus (depending on performance), full social insurance, paid transportation expenses (per company policy), retirement benefits, Single dorm (overseas)


Selection process


Web entry

Document screening will commence after completing the web entry.
We will let you know the results around 10 days after the entry.

Company Orientation

You will participate in the company orientation.
An aptitude exam will be given afterwards.

Initial interview

The initial interview will be conducted to the candidates who will pass the aptitude test.

Second and final interviews

The second interview will be conducted to the candidates who will pass the initial interview.
The final interview will be conducted to the candidates who will pass the second interview.
There are cases that the candidate will proceed to the final interview depending on the circumstances.

Job offer

The joining date will depend on the discussion.

We are recruiting the following positions. Please kindly check out the job opening guidelines.


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