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About Nitori Furniture

Furniture production that creates "High quality furniture with affordable price."

Nitori's motto is to "providing the richness of living to people around the world" and is expanding through the establishment of chain stores. There are more than 500 stores with Japan right now and we have a total of 70 stores overseas in Taiwan, US and China. Our vision is to reach 1,000 stores with sales revenue of 1 trillion yen by 2022.

Nitori eliminates "high price" and provides you with "half price" to allow easy coordination of your house. Our company plays a role in the manufacturing of such furniture from Nitori.

Our company procures raw materials from around 10 countries from Europe, New Zealand, Chile and ASEAN countries without going through a trading company and manufactures the furniture in our factories in Indonesia and Vietnam. We do product planning, production management, supplying and purchasing of raw materials. We have harnessed the effective OEM production methods for furniture that have worked for a long time in China and Thailand. Together with more than 2,700 staff, we support Nitori's "product power" and "High quality furniture with affordable price."

We integrate by improving our manufacturing technology development and product quality, as well as develop new products through trial and error while also listening the "voice" of our clients into our furniture production in order for us to deliver prices, quality and designs that would satisfy our clients. We manufacture around 800,000 sets of furniture annually and we aim to make "enjoyable living" a reality to our customers.


Nitori Furniture product development

Our company started off with the manufacturing of cabinet furniture like tableware shelves, kitchen cabinet, sideboards, AV boards, and wardrobes. From there, we progressed with the development of living tables, dining tables and bed frames and also started with manufacturing wooden furniture unlike sofas and mattresses in 2013.

All of our products have considered price-quality balance and the safety and health of our customers. We have been able to deliver about 950,000 units of furniture in 2014. We will continue to challenge ourselves to come up with new product categories to provide satisfaction and gain support from our customers around the world.

  • Tableware shelf
  • Kitchen Cabinet
  • Sideboard
  • AV board
  • Wardrobe
  • Chest of drawers
  • Living table
  • Bed frame
  • Sofa
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