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Company Name Nitori Furniture Co., Ltd.
Founded 1947
Established August 13, 1965
Leadership President: Shigehito Matsukura
Director: Akio Nitori
Director: Yuichi Kazeharu
Employee count 24 (as of June 2015)
All groups about 4,700
Capital 459.6 million yen
Earnings 2013 10.28 billion yen
2014 14.20 billion yen
Business Import and sales of furniture
Supply raw materials and export sales of furniture
Technical assistance on manufacturing of furniture
Headquarters 3-6-20 Kamiya Kita-ku Tokyo, Japan 115-0043
TEL.03-5939-9015  FAX.03-5939-9141
Group companies PT. Nitori furniture Indonesia (employee count ~1,200, Medan City)
Nitori furniture Vietnam EPE (employee count ~3,500, Hanoi City)



1947 Founded
1953 Changed its name to Matsukura Furniture Co. Ltd.
1960 Established Marumitsu Woodwork Co. Ltd. (with a capital of 4 million yen)
1973 Transferred to Higashikawa Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido (built a new factory 2,200m2))
1974 Added 10 million yen in capital
1981 Invited the consultant names Shizuo Yoshida as a technical advisor in order to introduce Toyota's manufacturing methods into furniture creation.
1984 Operated with a high-mix low-volume production structure
1986 Started importing materials from Taiwan, US, Malaysia and Korea
Started framework development due to business alliance with the Taiwan company
Business alliance with Nitori Co. Ltd
1987 Business alliance with the Korean company
Increased capital to 84.6 million yen
Construction of headquarter showroom and office
1988 Changed company name to Marumitsu Co. Ltd.
Framework development and procurement for NIES, promoted raw material procurement from the US
1989 Succeeded the business foundation of Yamaguchi Crafts Co., Ltd. (Kamikawa-gun Higashikawa-cho)
Introduced the plane electrostatic auto-coating machine
Increased capital to 184.6 million yen
1992 Started parts production through business alliances in Thailand and China
Assembly and commercialization from the second factory in Asahikawa
Started procurement of wood materials from China
1994 Founded PT.MARUMITSU INDONESIA (Marumitsu Co. Ltd Indonesia) in Medan city
Stopped parts production in Thailand and China due to the above
1995 Started importing finished products from the Indonesia factory
1998 Closed the factory located in Kamikawa-gun Higashikawa-cho
2000 Converted Nitori Co., Ltd into a wholly owned subsidiary
2003 Increased capital to 459.6 million yen
Donated 300 million rupiah through the Indonesian Red Cross foundation for the muddy stream calamity (natural calamity) in Bukit Lawang
2004 Founded MARUMITSI VIETNAM EPE (Marumitsu Co. Ltd. Vietnam) in Hanoi city
2005 Started construction of the Vietnam factory
Donated 100 million rupiah through the Indonesian Red Cross foundation (Sumatra earthquake)
Nitori group donated 2 million yen of relief funds to Indonesian vice president Jusuf Kalla
Started production in the Vietnam factory
2009 Started a 2-shift system in the Vietnam factory
2011 Moved headquarter office
Changed company name to Nitori Furniture Co. Ltd.
Started a 2-shift system in the Indonesia factory


Introduction to our overseas location

The Indonesia factory is located in the state capital of Indonesia's North Sumatra province and exceeds 21,000 square meters. (average temperature of 27.5 degrees with 80% humidity) With about 1,200 staff comprised of 40% women and 60% men, there are quite a number of female staff working in this large factory. The day to day productivity in the factory strictly follows the basics of "visual control" and "5S". The production flow enables the task to eliminate "unreasonableness," "waste" and "inconsistency". The employee dormitory is located within Medan city and is a 20 minute ride from the factory. It is also well received by the employees due to the commuter-friendly environment.

  • Location : JL Pulau Kangean No.9,Komplek Kawasan
    Industri Medan Tahap-1
    Medan 20242 Sumatera Utara Indonesia
  • Establishment Date : October 15, 1994
  • Capital : US$4,000,000
  • On-site employee count : about 1,200 (as of June 2015)
  • Japanese staff : 5


October 1994 Established PT. Marumitsu Indonesia
November 1994 Established factory
February 1995 Established dust collector
September 1995 Warehouse, cafeteria construction
November 1996 Warehouse expansion
January 1999 Warehouse expansion
March 2000 Warehouse, container yard expansion
June 2000 Warehouse expansion
November 2003 Donated 300 million rupiah to the Indonesian Red Cross (Bukit Lawang natural calamity)
September 2004 Office, warehouse expansion
January 2005 Donated 200 million yen to the Indonesian Red Cross (Sumatra earthquake)
August 2009 Factory expansion
September 2010 Introduced laminator machines
June 2011 Changed company name to PT. Nitori Furniture Indonesia
June 2011 Started a 2-shift system in the Indonesia factory

Indonesia factory photo gallery

The Vietnam factory is located several tens of minutes away from Hanoi in Kwanmin industrial park in Merin and exceeds 48,000 square meters. (average temperature of 23.5 degrees with 83% humidity) The average age of the employees is around 20 years old. During the earlier days, it is occupied by approximately 90% of female employees in their 20s. There are 3,500 employees lining up in front of the factory during rush hour every morning. It is also very busy during meal hours as everyone does it all at the same time. There is also a fully furnished employee resident available for Japanese employees within Hanoi, which made a comfortable working environment.

  • Location : Quang Minh Industrial Zone,Me Linh Dist,Hanoi,socialist Repubric of Vietnam
  • Establishment Date : October 21, 2003
  • Capital : US$5,000,000
  • On-site employee count : about 3,500 (as of June 2015)
  • Japanese staff : 15


February 2004 Factory construction
September 2004 Operations with about 100 employees
January 2005 First container export
December 2006 First surplus
April 2008 Performance Excellent Company commendation (Vinh Phuc Province)
April 2008 Warehouse expansion
September 2009 Started a 2-shift system in the Vietnam factory
June 2011 Changed company name to Nitori Furniture Vietnam EPE

Vietnam factory photo gallery

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